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EPUB 3 and the Open Web Platform

The Readium Foundation ( develops technology to accelerate adoption of EPUB 3 and the Open Web Platform by the global digital publishing industry. was formed in February, 2013 as a non-profit membership organization. Current projects include Readium Web (an EPUB 3 rendering engine for browser-based cloud readers) and Readium SDK (an EPUB 3 rendering engine for native apps).

  • The European Digital Reading Laboratory (EDRLab), recently established to host Readium Europe and IDPF Europe operations, has appointed Laurent Le Meur (@lmrlaurent
  • Readium Foundation will host an open meeting for member organizations on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 from 10:00am until 12:30pm, at the New York Public Library main building (5th Ave & 42nd St, NYC). A Readium contributors meeting will follow in the same location from 1:30pm until 5:00pm. Additionally, a "Gettting Started With Readium Software" bootcamp for developers newly adopting Readium technologies will be held on October 9, 1:30pm-5:00pm (also at NYPL).
  • The Readium Foundation ( will later this year formally launch a new European headquarters in Paris, France. Readium Europe will be co-located with European headquarters for the affiliated International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), hosted by a newly created European Digital Reading Lab (EDRLab). EDRLab has been formed with the support of the French government and industry stakeholders, with  1.5 million Euros of incremental funding already committed.
  • The members of Readium Foundation recently elected three new  directors to its expanded board. Joining the 9-member board are Simon Peter (Deutsche Telekom), David Boloker (IBM), and Jean-Marie Geffroy (Mantano), who led an exceptionally strong field of 10 candidates.

  • is pleased to announce that the “1.0” version of the Readium SDK has been released. With this release, the first version of the Readium SDK is essentially complete (hence the “1.0” label).
  • NYPL Labs and Readium Foundation are pleased to bring "Volume 2" of our Open Book Hack Day to the flagship Stephen A. Schwarzman building of the New York Public Library on Wednesday, January 14.  During this day-long event, we’ll push the limits of what’s possible with ebooks and open texts, liberate public domain documents onto the open web, play with tools to make it easier for authors to write and publish in creative ways, and improve the experience of finding amazing books in the public domain.
  • Members of Readium Foundation are invited to attend a meeting on January 13, 2015 10:00-1:00pm (U.S. ET) at the New York Public Library  5th Ave at 42nd St, NYC (room 201) and via Web conferencing.
  • June 16, 2014: Readium Foundation today announced major modifications to its membership terms and open source software licensing programs. Effective immediately, full membership in the Readium Foundation will be available to any organization or individual based on a sliding scale of dues starting at just $500 per year (for non-profits, individuals, and startups).

  • The latest version of Readium for Chrome, launched just two days ago, has garnered the highest scores out of over two dozen reading systems in results published today on

  • The members of Readium Foundation (, an independent open source consortium developing software to advance adoption of EPUB and the Open Web Platform for publishing, have elected a representative Board of Directors. The initial directors and their affiliations are: Micah Bowers - Bluefire, Pierre Danet - Hachette, Jim Dovey - independent,  James English - New York Public Library (NYPL), Bente Franck-Saetervoll - Bokbasen, Hadrien Gardeur - Feedbooks, and Bill McCoy - International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

  • Readium for Chrome has been upgraded with a more modern user experience, and retargeted to be based on the latest ReadiumJS codebase (shared with its cross-browser sibling readium-js-viewer and close cousin Readium SDK). The Readium Chrome browser extension is now available for free download from the Chrome Web Store, and existing users will automatically receive the upgrade.
  • and NYPL Labs are co-organizing an "Open Book" hack weekend at NYPL (42nd St. main building) January 11-13 2014. Sponsors include O'Reilly Media,, and Perseus Books Group. For more information or to register visit: .

  • ACCESS CO. LTD. today announced the first e-reading application based on the Readium SDK project. PUBLUS™ Reader* v2.0, an iOS-supported EPUB® 3 viewer incorporating the Readium SDK from the Readium Foundation. Per the announcement from ACCESS ( ), later this year PUBLUS Reader v2.0 will be distributed by BOOKWALKER, an eBook store group company of Kadokawa Shoten, one of Japans's largest publishers of books, magazines, and manga (2012 revenues of 86.1 billion JPY).
  • Readium Foundation today announced that ten new members are joining the open source consortium developing EPUB related software. New members include Google, IBM, Ingram Content Group / Vital Source Technologies, New York Public Library, Courseload, KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service), Learning Ally, Ciber Netherlands, Nord Compo, and VersaPub. Forty member organizations from around the world are now collaborating under the auspices of projects include an SDK for native applications, a library for browser-based viewing, and related technologies for production and delivery of interoperable, accessible digital publications based on the Open Web Platform.
  • will hold an open meeting on Tuesday, October 8 from 15:30-16:30. The informal agenda will feature a summary of open source projects underway (Readium SDK, Readium.js, Readium LCP and a proposed EPUB preflight and accessibility checker tool), with most of the time dedicated to Q&A and open discussion. The meeting will be at the Frankfurt Marriott, just outside the trade show grounds, in the Gold 3 room. Foundation members and other interested parties are welcome to attend. Space was generously provided by Frankfurt Academy and CONTEC Frankfurt. The all-day CONTEC digital conference will be taking place simultaneously at the Marriott; while a CONTEC badge is not required to participate in the Readium meeting, attendees are strongly encouraged to register for CONTEC ( Directly preceding the Readium meeting in the same room an IDPF member meeting will take place in the same room, and IDPF members attending can take advantage of a 20% discount for CONTEC (use promotion code CONTEC13Partner20IDPF).
  • today announced that Adobe Systems Incorporated is joining as a member of the Readium Foundation, with the intention to make a significant contribution to the development of the Readium SDK project, a full-featured EPUB 3 rendering engine optimized for native apps on tablets and other mobile devices.

  • Today announced that the Readium Web project is being refactored to deliver a JavaScript library for browser-based EPUB 3 reading. Currently in early alpha, the new Readium,js is a lightweight, compact (20KB compressed) client-side library. When complete, Readium.js will enable easy deployment of any EPUB publication from any web server to all modern browsers (mobile and desktop). An initial demo of online reading of EPUB 3 utilizing Readium.js is live at
  • Paris Book Fair (Salon du livre) March 25, 2013 (PRESS RELEASE) – The open source initiative today announced its evolution into a formal consortium of member companies fostering a community of open source projects for digital publishing. Also unveiled today was a new Readium SDK project to develop an EPUB® 3 rendering engine optimized for native apps on tablets and other devices. Initial members of the new Readium Foundation include ACCESS, Aldiko, Bluefire Productions, Baker & Taylor, Benetech, Bokbasen, DAISY Consortium, Datalogics, De Marque, DILICOM,, Eden Livres (a joint venture of Gallimard, La Martinière and Flammarion), Editis, Evident Point, Feedbooks, Firebrand Technologies, Hachette Livre, IDPF, Izneo, Kobo, LIA (by Italian Publishers Association), Mantano, Numilog, Rakuten, Sony Corporation, TXTR, and Vibal Publishing House.
  • The Readium Chrome Extension for reading EPUB 3 content has been updated to version 0.9 on the Chrome Web Store (direct link: ). This experimental configuration of the Readium Web project has attained over 40,000 users since its launch on the Chrome Web Store in September, 2012 and currently holds a 4-star rating there.

  • The third release of Readium Custom Chromium binary for Mac OS X is now available, adding support for burase gumi and improvements to tate-chu-yoko behavior.
  • The Chrome extension of Readium Web was recently launched on the Chrome Web Store, and can be installed via (or via the install button on

  • The 2nd release of Readium Custom Chromium binary for Mac OS X is now available.

    This version includes an important change for Japanese typography which fixes character orientations. More details of this change: .

    Direct download link:

  • A initial release of Readium Custom Chromium binary for Mac OS X that adds Japanese typography support is available. This is the first custom Chromium binary release of the Readium Project made to improve the WebKit engine for EPUB rendering. More details:

    Direct download link:

  • The Google Chrome browser extension has been updated to version 0.21, which includes basic support for standard EPUB 3 fixed layout metadata, as per samples available here.  The initial implementation has several limitations, including that the fixed layout decision is made on a per book basis rather than per spine item, so it only works if fixed layout is specified globally via the rendition:layout metadata property.

  • The Readium Chrome extension has been updated with a 0.19 release that includes MathML support via MathJAX, with help from MathJAX lead developer David Cervone. Read about it on the new Readium dev blog

  • March 15, 2012 Hachette Livre (including Hachette Book Group and Hachette UK) today announced that it is joining the Readium Project, a new initiative by the International Digital Publishing Forum.. More details:

  • We've been thrilled by the generally positive reception to the announcement of Readium Project. One thing that surprised us was the large number of folks who atttempted "in earnest" use of the initial proof-of-concept prototype Chrome Extension, some of whom were disappointed when it didn't handle everything thrown at it, didn't have snappy performance, or exhibited other infelicities. In many respects this is good news: demonstrating latent demand, and generating bug reports that we can now address. But, in hindsight we probably should have communicated more explicitly about the project's status. To SW folks "proof of concept prototype" - especially in context of an open source project just kicking off - clearly implies "not yet ready for prime time". But that apparently wasn't clear to everyone, and was further obscured by the easy one-click install and somewhat polished looking UI. But make no mistake: this project started up just 5 weeks ago, and whether any of the code or UI developed during that time will be a part of the utlimate Readium codebase (which will definitely NOT be limited to JavaScript components) is entirely TBD. The reason for exposing it yesterday was to create a rally point: demonstrating just how useful built-in EPUB handling in a browser coudld be, and whetting folks' appetites for more. Now, the real work begins to advance the project goals and prioritize and address sub-projects.
  • A initial beta release of an extension that adds EPUB support to Google Chrome is available. This is the first results of the Readium Project to develop a comprehensive open source implementation of EPUB 3 via WebKit. Install here or using the "+ ADD TO CHROME" link on the home page. Note: auto-updating is standard for Chrome Extensions so the extension will be automatically updated as features are added (initial version: 0.1.7).

  • New York, NY, February 13, 2012 -The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) today announced the Readium Project, a new open source initiative to develop a comprehensive reference implementation of the IDPF EPUB® 3 standard. This vision will be achieved by building on WebKit, the widely adopted open source HTML5 rendering engine. A quote sheet with quotes from the following is available at : ACCESS, Adobe, Anobii, Apex CoVantage, Assoc. American Publishers (AAP), Barnes & Noble, Bluefire Productions, BISG, Copia, DAISY, EAST, EDItEUR, Evident Point, Google, Incube Tech, Kobo/Rakuten, Monotype, O’Reilly, Rakuten, Safari Books Online, Samsung, Sony, VitalSource, Voyager Japan. For more information about the project, including how to participate and links to downloads and source code, visit .