Readium Projects Information

The Readium Projects primary goal is to provide rock-solid, performant building blocks and applications for EPUB3 publications.


The ReadiumJS project is developing a JavaScript library (readium-js) and viewer (readium-js-viewer ) for EPUB 3 rendering optimized for use to render EPUB files directly from websites and in browser-based "cloud" readers. Using ReadiumJS does not require any server-side infrastructure or browser plug-ins. ReadiumJS shares common JS modules (readium-shared-js) with the Readium SDK project which targets native apps.

There are two parts to ReadiumJS:

• A Readium Chrome Extension which is available from the Chrome Web Store. It is one of the most full-featured EPUB 3 Reading Systems available.

• A cross-browser implementation known as the CloudReader.

Readium SDK

The Readium SDK project is developing a compact, performant EPUB 3 rendering engine optimized for use in native apps for tablets and other devices. The Readium SDK Core C++ library with platform wrappers implementations where appropriate.

The SDK is available for both open-source and commercial use. Details of the licensing is available here

Readium LCP

The Readium Foundation is developing a DRM library, Licensed Content Protection (LCP). For more information please see the Readium LCP FAQ.



Readium is an open-source project and extends its thanks to the following organizations for supporting our open-source development.                                              


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