Candidate Statement - Hadrien Gardeur

Since we've officially launched the Readium Foundation in March 2013, I've dedicated a large portion of my time to the foundation as the group lead on Readium LCP (Lightweight Content Protection, an alternate DRM for EPUB).
Readium Foundation feels like a natural extension to some of the work that I've been involved with and the next step for an open ebook ecosystem. 
As a board member, I would bring this vision to the table of an ecosystem centered around EPUB, but that also encompass a variety of standards and open source projects.  Readium Foundation is a great place to host such projects, and based on my experience working across the industry (Feedbooks is a retailer that works closely with application developers, publishers and libraries) and leading technical efforts (group lead on LCP and OPDS, co-editor and author of multiple IDPF specifications), I'll do my best to make this happen. I will also continue to focus on helping Readium LCP evolve from a specification, to a reliable industry standard for DRM.
About Feedbooks:
Feedbooks is an international ebook retailer selling titles in 5 different languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian). Feedbooks sells books directly to both end-users and libraries. With over 75% of its trafic on mobile devices, Feedbooks is integrated in over a dozen mobile applications, where it is often the main source of content. In 2007, Feedbooks was the first service to fully adopt the EPUB standard and produce a large batch of publications in this format.
About Hadrien:
Hadrien is the co-founder and CEO of Feedbooks. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science. He's involved in many projects and organizations related to digital publishing:
  • as a Working Group member in many IDPF specifications, and co-editor of the recently published "Previews in EPUB"
  • as group lead and main editor of the OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) specification 
  • as group lead and co-editor of the Readium LCP (Lightweight Content Protection) specification
  • as a member of CLIL (French equivalent of BISG) working on best practices for ONIX 3.0 and the CLIL subject codes
  • as a member of the French Thema Group, working on an international subject classification for ebooks