Candidate Statement - Yuri Khramov

As the President of Evident Point, I nominate myself for the Board of directors of the Readium Foundation.
Here is my statement.
Yuri Khramov is now serving as the president of Evident Point Software Corp., a British Columbia, Canada, corporation based in Greater Vancouver.
Evident Point is a leading provider of professional digital publishing solutions, delivering custom solutions to the top software companies. We have developed software Apple, Epson, Microsoft, Newspaper Direct, SONY, Zinio, among others. We also are developers of the Active Textbook platform for creating, enhancing and delivering interactive digital textbooks, based on PDF and ePUB formats.
Evident Point participated in the Readium initiative from the very beginning, the first Readium prototype was built by us in February 2012, and the Readium Chrome extension developed almost completely by us, became a very prominent player on the market, perhaps the most popular cross-platform tool for reading ePUB3.
We continue to participate very actively in the development of Readium SDK (Boris Schneiderman from the EP is the main developer there) and contributing to Readium JS (2 persons, both part-time are contributing an equivalent of 0.5 person-month).
Yuri have founded Evident Point and works here full time since November 2006.
Mr. Khramov has over 30 years of experience in the software industry, straddling Russia, Japan and North America. He has worked at both Microsoft and Apple as a software developer and development manager. He has contributed code for Adobe PageMaker, Acrobat, InDesign, MacOffice, Corel Web Designer,  Apple iWorks and iWeb, and lead the team at Apple which is now working on iBook Author.
Mr. Khramov's was also the co-founder of Schema Software, which was acquired by Apple in 2005. Yuri holds a Ph.D. In Computer Science from Moscow Management Institute (1983).
Thank you for your consideration,