Candidate Statement – Taehyun Kim

Dear Members of Readium Foundation,

It is a general trend that public standard based on the open source would finally be selected by a large number of industrial participants, even though its current market share is lower than existing dominant but proprietary technology. Consequently, the dominant technology in the eBook industry would be replaced with IDPF EPUB standard with Readium SDK in the near future as various new eBook business models have emerged.

It would be an honor for me to make substantial contributions to the Readium Foundation as one of the Board of Directors. I consider it as my mission to make Readium LCP technology itself more capable and usable in a global EPUB community by providing seamless interoperability. I commit myself to actively do it employing my 22-year experiences in my professional area, and try to be a Korean representative to convey any requirements from the Korean eBook industry to future Readium specifications.


Taehyun Kim is the CTO and a co-founder of DRM inside. He has led and finished many projects mostly related to the DRM interoperability for last 10 years in the company. He was also a main editor of the international and domestic standards, such as MPEG-21 REL (ISO/IEC 21000-5/7), ITU-T IPTV SCP (X.1195), DMP (IDP-TS-AD3/4), eBook DRM (TTAK.OT-10.0332/10.0333/10.0624/10.0625) and EPUB DRM (KS X 6072-1/6072-2/6072-3/6072-4/6072-5) etc.

In addition to the careers in the DRM inside, he had also worked in Samsung SDS and its spin-off company, for 7 and 5 years, respectively as a developer, analyst and project manager on digital content management technology. He has a master degree in information security of the computer science.

About DRM inside

DRM inside, Ltd. was founded in 2005 to research the technology, patent, standard, policy and legal system trends on the Digital Rights Management in the various digital content marketplaces. Most projects were sponsored by Korean government. The company has been also doing standardization activities especially in terms of interoperability so that all stakeholders including copy rights owners, service providers, solution providers and customers can be agreed on the specification. From 2011, DRM inside has involved in the IDPF EPUB DRM development and standardization projects, which resulted that 4 industrial and 5 national standards have been registered and Major eBook service and solution providers in Korea (e.g. Kyobo, Korea EUPB, Fasoo and Hancom etc.) joined the project and adopted the specifications.