Candidate Statement - Arnaud Lecompte

As a representative of Nord Compo Multimedia, I would like to offer my candidacy as a Readium Board of Directors member. Nord Compo has been deeply involved with the Readium Foundation from the beginning as a founding member and we would like to assist on the board on all matters, especially by promoting the eBook standard across our network of partners and customers across Europe.

Nord Compo joined the Readium Foundation because we are sure that ePub should and will be the standard for digital publications. We have every intention of continuing to contribute long term to the Foundation in support of the mission to accelerate the adoption of ePub 3 and open web standards in digital publishing. Readium is an ecosystem centered around the ePub format, with a variety of standards and open source projects. Readium is also the future of the reading experience. That’s why we would like to leverage the impact of ePub 3 and promote Readium as the key reference source for digital project implementation in the book publishing industry.

With 42 years’ experience working closely with book publishers, distributors and libraries, we have both deep publishing and technological perspectives on the book/ebook market and reading/digital reading experiences. I can represent these sensibilities and experiences as part of Readium Governance. I humbly ask for your vote, and if elected I will serve you with integrity, energy, and passion.

About Arnaud Lecompte

I am the head of digital at Nord Compo Multimedia, responsible for digital development for the leader in the French language market for ePub conversion and Publishers’ structuring and reading tools, putting forward open standards. I have been working for ten years as a publishing manager, improving technical publishing houses’ digital strategy (Labor, Tissot). Over the past five years, I have headed up Nord Compo’s digital department, providing solutions in the digital book business.

Created in 1972, Nord Compo is the largest ePub provider among French language publishers. The company enjoys a leadership role in the XML structuring field, providing its own DTD, which has been approved by the French National Book Center as the reference for French language content. Nord Compo is also developing editorial databases and reading tools using Readium. With 250 collaborators worldwide and 16 million revenue in 2014, Nord Compo structures 15,000 new titles and creates 9,000 ePub per year. Its headquarters are in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, in northeast France