Bluefire Releases Readium Based Cloudshelf Reader App

June 19, 2016

Bluefire Productions, founded in 2001 by current CEO Micah Bowers, has released a new, free ereader app on the iTunes App Store: Cloudshelf Reader. The app has been built on top of the Readium SDK Open Source project that Bluefire has been deeply involved with since its inception. Cloudshelf includes ereader apps and a cloud based distribution platform for private libraries and subscription services to offer their constituent groups. 

The app has robust support for EPUB3 capabilities such as FXL, Media Overlays, Audio, Video, JavaScript interactivity, animation, etc. Accessibility has been considered and built in from the very start and Cloudshelf offers one of the most accessible reading experiences currently available.

In 2013 Bluefire undertook an ambitious challenge to develop core ereader technologies to render the EPUB3 format and as part of that initiative the company partnered with the IDPF and others to launch the open source project Readium SDK for the parsing and rendering of EPUB3 content on all platforms and devices. Readium SDK provides a compact, performant EPUB 3 rendering engine optimized for use in native apps such as Cloudshelf. This collaboration on Readium SDK led to the creation of the Readium Foundation to provide governance to the SDK project. Membership in the foundation has since grown to over 50 members, including well-known companies such as Sony, Google, IBM, Penguin Random House, and many others.  Bluefire has been a very active participant in Readium Foundation activities, and has been one of the largest code contributors over the last three years. 

In late 2014 Bluefire began in earnest to develop all-new ereader apps for iOS, Android, and modern browsers that leverage the Readium engine.  The newly launched Cloudshelf app is a separate business line from Bluefire Reader white label apps, which Bluefire will continue to offer and maintain. 

Bluefire welcomes feedback and comments from all areas of the publishing industry via the Cloudshelf Feedback site and the Forum. Development is an ongoing process with rolling updates so feedback is encouraged as much as possible on how your EPUB 3 content is rendering in the app. It is expected that free 1.0 Android and Browser versions will be released later this summer.

Bluefire Productions provides eReading solutions to publishers, retailers and companies who create or distribute high value content in support of their core business. They also provide user experience design and consulting services to leading global technology companies.