Candidates Solicited for Readium Foundation Board

January 26, 2016

Nominations are solicited for three seats on the Readium Foundation Board of Directors. One of these seats is open whilst the other two are presently held by Pierre Danet (Hachette) and James English (New York Public Library),who are indeed eligible and plan to stand for re-election. 

Being a board member entails a commitment of responsibility and time. Board time and expenses are not reimbursed. Board meetings are conducted in English with accommodations for non-native English speakers. Remote meetings are scheduled to facilitate participation across multiple time zones.

Any Readium Foundation member organization in good standing is eligible to nominate an employee as a candidate. If you would like to do so in this cycle, please submit a brief self-nomination statement to by February 1, 2016. Typically, a candidate statement would include a brief biography, and potentially reasons for running for the position and/or general vision or ideas for the Readium Foundation. Elections will be held in early February.