Readium Extension for Google Chrome Available

February 13, 2012

A initial beta release of an extension that adds EPUB support to Google Chrome is available. This is the first results of the Readium Project to develop a comprehensive open source implementation of EPUB 3 via WebKit. Install here or using the "+ ADD TO CHROME" link on the home page. Note: auto-updating is standard for Chrome Extensions so the extension will be automatically updated as features are added (initial version: 0.1.7). Report issues here.  NOTE: a number of features in EPUB 3 are not yet supported, including Media Overlays. Trying to open EPUB files with these features (or with DRM) will hang. Use with Chrome version 15+ and ample free RAM is highly recommended. If you report issues please include your OS config details.  Again this is a VERY early beta release - not ready for production use in any way, shape, or form.