Readium for Chrome Gets Major Upgrade

February 17, 2014
Readium for Chrome has been upgraded with a more modern user experience, and retargeted to be based on the latest ReadiumJS codebase (shared with its cross-browser sibling readium-js-viewer and close cousin Readium SDK). The Readium Chrome browser extension is now available for free download from the Chrome Web Store, and existing users will automatically receive the upgrade. 
The Readium project, launched February 2012, was the first open source EPUB 3 reading system. The success and adoption of the initial Chrome extension was a major motivation leading to the formation of the Readium Foundation ( in March, 2013. is now supported by 40 organization members.
Dozens of contributors have participated in development of Readium components. Work on the latest Chrome Extension configuration was led by Ryan Ackley, developer of Chrome developer tools and Tailor
ReadiumJS and Readium for Chrome are still in pre-release development and this version, like previous Readium for Chrome  should be considered alpha-level software that's not suitable for production use. Issues and feedback should be reported to the Readium discussion forum at NOTE: Readium for Chrome is available in ten different languages, but as several of the user interface elements have changed, the original community-contributed  localizations are no longer complete. If you're interested in helping out, see the project task list item at