Readium SDK Reaches Version 1.0

January 5, 2015 is pleased to announce that the “1.0” version of the Readium SDK has been released. With this release, the first version of the Readium SDK is essentially complete (hence the “1.0” label). Readium SDK is an open source library designed to support rendering of EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 content in native applications for mobile and desktop operating systems (integrating with each platform’s intrinsic browser engine). Readium SDK is a community-developed open source project, developed by members of the Readium Foundation and other contributors, dual licensed under GPL and a commercial-friendly Alternative License based on the Apache license.

The 1.0 version comprises updates to readium-sdk, readium-shared-js (which is also used by ReadiumJS which targets cloud and pure browser-based EPUB rendering) and the sample applications (including configurations for Android, iOS, and OS/X that have been validated against the EPUB Test Suite, and a Windows configuration that is still in development). This release has achieved substantially complete support for the EPUB 3.0 spec including MathML, Reading System object, font-deobfuscation and many more features.  More information and link to complete release notes can be found here.

The near-term roadmap for Readium SDK includes continuing to increase conformance to the EPUB specifications, enhancing documentation, improving the robustness and completeness of the sample applications, and new feature support including EDUPUB capabilities.