If you would like to actually contribute to designing, building or testing Readium - or just be a member of the Readium community, that is very easy to achieve. To start, you’ll need to

  1. Join the Readium contributor’s mailing list. Just send an email to to request membership or use the Google Groups app. EIther one will get you entrance to the group, which also provides you with access to the group’s calendar as well as edit-access to the Google docs.
  2. Fill out and sign the Individual Contributor’s License Agreement (ICLA), then send it to
  3. Create an account for yourself at github if you don’t already have one.
  4. Optionally, send a short introduction of yourself and/or your company to the Readium Contributor’s mailing list (
  5. You are strongly encouraged to follow the steps outlined in “Getting Started” [bookmark here]

If you (or your company) also wish to become a member of the Readium Foundation, please send email to with a brief outline of your interest and Ric will follow up with you.

You fill find lots more info about Readium and its development on the Readium github site.