Readium SDK

This is the main page for the Readium SDK project, which is developing a compact, performant EPUB 3 rendering engine optimized for use in native apps for tablets and other devices. The Readium SDK Core C++ library is cross-platform and implemented largely in native code with some JavaScript/Java/C# implementations where appropriate.

Note that the Readium SDK Core C++ library is dual-licensed: publicly via Gnu Affero General Public License Version 3 (a license which contains terms incompatible with use in closed-source software including a copyleft provision), and via a an Alternative License based on the Apache License which provides additional rights targeted to commercial adopters utilizing Readium SDK in closed-source software, including not having any copyleft provision. For more information on Readium SDK licensing see:

Readium SDK New Contributor Guide

Readium SDK Development News

Documents about Readium SDK on Google Drive

Product/Sprint Backlog (on Trello)