Readium LCP for PDF

Status of this Document

This document is an early draft.



  "@context": [
  "metadata": {
    "identifier": "",
    "title": "Readium Web Publication Manifest",
    "author": "Readium Community",
    "editor": "Hadrien Gardeur",
    "description": "The Readium Web Publication Manifest is a JSON-based document meant to represent and distribute publications over HTTPS."
  "readingOrder": [
      "href": "rwpm.pdf",
      "type": "application/pdf",
      "properties": {
        "encrypted": {
          "scheme": "",
          "profile": "",
          "algorithm": ""
  "resources": [
      "href": "cover.jpg",
      "type": "image/jpeg",
      "rel": "cover" 


An example where the PDF is not (yet) encrypted is available at:

JSON Schema

A JSON Schema for the manifest of an LCPDF package is available under version control at:

For validating a manifest, use the following reference: