List of proposals and specs impacting Readium CSS

[Implementers’ doc]

Here is a list of all the specs and proposals which are likely to impact Readium CSS in the future. Some of them are still in their early days but you’ll probably have to review implementations once they are clearly defined and Readium CSS is updated accordingly.

The W3C CSSWG-Drafts repo is a good way to keep up.

Readium CSS’ fundamental approach has been reviewed and should be future proof, but you’ll have to keep the following in mind since EPUB 3.2 is now using CSS snapshots – those specs and proposals are very likely to be listed in future snapshots.

Media Queries Level 5

Logical Properties and Values

CSS Extensions

Calc notation: min() and max()

User Agent Properties

CSS Rhythmic Sizing

CSS Fonts Module Level 4

COGA Semantics to Enable Personalization

Multicol editing

W3C i18n

CSSOM (a.k.a. Houdini)