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The Properties Object

Each Link Object may contain a Properties Object, containing a number of relevant information.

This document is meant to provide an exhaustive list of properties that can be associated to a Link Object, along with their semantics and usage.


Key Semantics Type Values Reference
contains Indentifies content contained in the linked resource, that cannot be strictly identified using a media type. Array mathml, onix, remote-resources, js, svg or xmp EPUB Profile
layout Hint about the nature of the layout for the linked resources. String fixed or reflowable EPUB Profile
orientation Suggested orientation for the device when displaying the linked resource. String auto, landscape or portrait Presentation Hints
overflow Suggested method for handling overflow while displaying the linked resource. String auto, clipped, paginated or scrolled Presentation Hints
page Indicates how the linked resource should be displayed in a reading environment that displays synthetic spreads. String left, right or center Presentation Hints
spread Indicates the condition to be met for the linked resource to be rendered within a synthetic spread. String auto, both, none or landscape Presentation Hints
encrypted Indicates how a given resource has been encrypted or obfuscated. Encryption Object See the definition of the Encryption Object Encryption Module

OPDS 2.0

While OPDS 2.0 itself is not an extension of the Readium Web Publication Manifest, it shares the same abstract model and syntax.

For this reason, it feels relevant to list the properties introduced by OPDS as well.

Key Semantics Reference
indirectAcquisition Provides the expected download format for a publication, after an acquisition through an intermediate resource. OPDS 2.0
numberOfItems Hint about the number of items that are expected to be returned by the linked resource. OPDS 2.0
price Provides the acquisition price in a given currency. OPDS 2.0