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Publication Server


A Publication Server is responsible for serving one or more publications over HTTPS which means at a minimum:

This document identifies multiple levels of conformance for a Publication Server that we can use as reference points.

Level 0

Any HTTP server can be properly configured to reach level 0 compliance for a Publication Server.

Level 1

Publication Servers which implement level 1 support are dynamic apps that usually follow the streamer architecture.

Level 2

Storing and Accessing Publications

A Publication Server can store and access publications is many different ways:

All implementations are free to select their preferred approach as long as they respect the requirements listed for the different levels of compliance.


A separate document dedicated to HTTP caching is available, with recommendations regarding the use of HTTP headers for both the manifest and its resources.

Web Origin

One of the most challenging part of distributing Web Publications is tied to the security model of the Web. A separate document dedicated to Web Origin is available to tackle this specific issue.