Awesome Readium Awesome

A list of lists of awesome Readium resources.

Readium is an open-source foundation dedicated to the development of software, standards and best practices for digital publications.

Disclaimer: This list is created for informational purposes only and the provided links do not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Readium Foundation.



The Readium community has developed several industrial standards for publications:

A separate list of LCP adopters is maintained by EDRLab here.


Desktop Apps

Desktop Apps based on the Readium Desktop toolkit (in alphabetical order).

Desktop Apps using Readium JS:

iOS & iPadOS

Mobile Apps based on the Readium Mobile iOS toolkit (in alphabetical order).

Android & Chrome OS

Mobile Apps based on the Readium Mobile Android toolkit (in alphabetical order).

Mobile Test Apps

These are Readium Mobile test apps intended to demonstrate Readium Mobile technology. Both apps are available on beta channels and are not targeting end-users; both are under active development and evolve continuously. These apps are LCP compliant, but in “test” mode only.

Publication Servers

Publications servers are a key component in Readium’s architecture. These servers can output a Readium Web Publication Manifest.

Publication Viewers

Open source Web viewers compatible with the Readium Web Publication Manifest.


Mobile Apps based on the legacy Readium SDK

Mobile Apps based on the legacy Readium SDK.




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