Summary of the Readium Foundation General Meeting, held on 2023-06-26


Risa Wolf (NYPL) Robert Cartolano (Columbia University) Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque) Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab) Kate Davey (BiblioVault / the University of Chicago Press)


Brian O’Leary (BISG) - thank you for your service!


  • Elections
  • Membership
  • Finances
  • Readium Website

Board Elections

  • Elections were successfully held via email
  • Risa Wolf re-elected for 1 yr (May 2024)
  • Laurent Le Meur re-elected and Kate Davey elected for 2 yrs (May 2025)


  • Discussion of unpaid members who usually are in good standing
  • Board identified members who have not yet paid for this past year
  • Discussion of how to attract new members


  • Brief (since Brian is absent) recap of status
  • Discussion of Slack price increase
  • Discussion of Slack participation

Readium Website

  • Discussion of what purpose the website serves
  • Discussion of user testing
  • Research survey discussed and approved, Risa to initiate
  • Design resources - Hadrien to share UX/design after the survey

Other business

  • Readium meetup? - will discuss more next meeting
  • Documentation - mobile documentation mature, web upcoming
  • Readium web - preferences complete, text to speech coming soon, search and media overlay next. Hadrien will share presentation from Madrid
  • Discussion of possible shared conversation between Readium Web and IIIF

Business Completed. Adjourned