Joining the Readium Foundation

Thank you for your interest in joining the Readium Foundation! Readium Foundation is a non-profit membership association, open to all. Your dues support the mission of the Foundation to develop commercial-grade open source software that advances an open interoperable ecosystem for the creation and distribution of digital content in order to foster innovation, accessibility, and a global sharing of knowledge. Members are also entitled to participate in the governance of the Foundation, including electing the Board of Directors and approving matters put to votes of the membership.

Member dues are calculated by the revenue of our member companies. First year dues are payable at time of application. Subsequent annual dues will be billed on a rolling annual basis on the month that you joined the organization. Payment can be made online by credit card, by check, or by bank transfer.

The dues structure is as follows:

Company Type Total Company Revenue Member Dues
Startup Company or Individual Under $1 million (*) $750 per year Company
Company Under $5 million $1200 per year
Company Between $5 million and $250 million $1800 per year
Company Between $250 million and $2 billion $2750 per year
Company Over $2 billion $4500 per year
Non-profit Organizations   $750 per year

If you wish to join the Readium Foundation or if you have questions, please navigate to the membership application page.

(*) Startup company rate is available to new joining members only, and is applicable only for the first two years of Readium Foundation membership