Useful applications based on Readium technology

Readium Chrome Application user: move to Thorium Reader

The Readium Chrome Application should not be used anymore, as Google has decided to remove support for “apps” in the Chrome Web Browser, as explained here.

If you’re still using this now deprecated Readium Chrome Application, consider using Thorium Reader instead from now. Thorium Reader is a free, multilingual, multiplatform, highly accessible reading application, actively maintained. And Thorium Reader supports the LCP DRM, which allows you to buy and borrow ebooks with ease, allows you to share an ebook with your family and will not block you to read your ebooks even if your bookseller goes out of business.

Warning: The Readium Chrome Application was never intended to allow the export of the EPUB publications it stores, and we can only hope that you have secured a copy of these publications. This will not be an issue with Thorium Reader, which allows the export of any publication it handles.

Other Readium based applications

Please browse the Awesome Readium page to get a (partial) list of mobile, desktop and web applications based on open-source Readium technology.