As an open-source project, the Readium Foundation welcomes contributions from everyone - from individuals, groups and corporations. The best way to get started with Readium is to read through the introductory materials on this site, subscribe to the mailing list and, of course, get the source code and start spelunking through it.

An important note to bear in mind is that YOU are the Readium team. Readium has no “dedicated team”. Other than a consultant or two and a couple of part-time employees, everything in Readium is done by the Readium contributors - some employed by Readium Foundation members, some simply individual contributors.

Contributing as a developers

The Navigation bar contains a Development entry that leads to an overviw of each project, with links to the Github repositories where you’ll find the Readium open-source codebase.

Before contributing to the different projects with your Pull Requests, make sure you’ve signed and sent the Readium ICLA (for Individual Contributor License Agreement).

Project Communication

Mailing List

There is an active mailing list for the Readium projects. To join, simply send mail to Ric Wright, requesting access. Alternatively, visit the Google Readium mailing-list page (where you can also browse the archives) and request access.

The Weekly Meetings

There are three regular Readium Meetings each week:

  • Readium-1 Engineering: Tuesdays at 16.00h UTC during the summer (in daylight savings), but 17.00h UTC during the winter (non-daylight savings);
  • Readium-2 Engineering: Wednesdays at 15.30h UTC (summer) / 16.30h UTC (winter),
  • Readium Triage/Planning: Thursdays at 16.00h UTC (summer) / 17.00h UTC (winter).

All three meetings are hosted in GoToMeeting with the same call-in info:

  • Access Code: 334-772-733,

  • On the web, click here or call in by phone:


  • Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.

An invitation to each meeting and a separate agenda for each meeting and all the login and call-in info is sent out to the readium-dev mailing list each week.

Slack - Real-time Chat

The Readium Dev group uses Slack for real-time chats.

Head here to get an invite:

The actual Readium chat room is here:

(several channels in there, including “general”, “readium-2”, etc.)

Face to Face Meetings

Several times a year (it varies) we try to arrange a face-to-face meeting of the developers and contributors. These usually but not always coicide with Readium membership meetings and/or major eBook conferences like Book Expo America, etc.

Meeting Archives

The agenda and notes from all the meetings are archived in the Readium Google doc tree. Access to all the archives can be found here.

The Readium-1 Meeting

The Readium-1 meeting is focused on the Readium Chrome Extension and CloudReader development, but also covers the SDK and LCP sides.

The Readium-2 Meeting

The Readium-2 is of course focused on the REadium-2 initiative, mostly in a brainstorming phase in 2016.

The Triage/Planning Meeting

The Thursday meeting varies in its content, but tends to be broader in scope than the other engineering meetings. Sometimes if focuses on reviewing the open issues or some particular topic (e.g. user interface changes to the Chrome Extension, etc.). Other times, the meeting focuses on planning for one or more facets of the project over the near or medium term. Longer term planning tends to be held at the membership and board level.