Summary Notes, Readium Board of Directors Meeting

Date: 2020-07-07


  • Risa Wolf (NYPL)
  • Aferdita Muriqi (DITA)
  • Brian O’Leary (BISG)
  • Yuri Khramov (Evident Point)
  • Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks / De Marque)
  • Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab)


  • Elections
  • Financials
  • Review Developer Tools
  • Board Member Classes and Structure
  • Board Non-voting Participants
  • Board Minutes


  1. Elections proceeded
    1. Nominations:
      • Laurent Le Meur nominated for President
      • Risa Wolf nominated for Secretary
      • Aferdita Muriqi and Brian O’Leary nominated for Treasurer/Asst Treasurer, respectively
    2. Vote result, unanimously passed:
      • Laurent as President
      • Risa as Secretary
      • Aferdita as Treasurer
      • Brian as Assistant Treasurer
  2. Financial status discussed
    1. Aferdita and Brian to regroup
    2. Discussion to be resumed at next Board meeting
  3. Review of Developer Tools in use
    1. Discussed need for Slack message permanence
      • Better understanding of financial documents required before decision can be reached
      • All agreed to investigate requirements for becoming a 501(c)(3) Foundation to qualify for discount/free Slack use
    2. Web conference tool discussion deferred until next Board meeting
  4. Board Member Classes and Structure
    1. Review 5-member proposal
      • All agree to work towards 5-member structure
    2. Review Classes
      • All agree classes remain but numbers change
      • All agree to list out revisions to class structure to reflect 5 members
    3. Brian to lead work on bylaw revisions
  5. Board Non-voting Participants
    1. Review of Non-voting Participation
      • Hadrien and Ric invited to be Non-voting participants
    2. Roles
      • Switch admin roles from Hadrien to Laurent
      • Determine how to change owner settings from James English’s old NYPL email
  6. Board Minutes
    1. Summary of minutes to be made public
      • Risa to write summaries
      • To be posted on website

Laurent to schedule next meeting.

Business complete.