Summary Notes, Readium Board of Directors Meeting

Date: 2020-08-11


  • Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab)
  • Risa Wolf (NYPL)
  • Aferdita Muriqi (DITA)
  • Brian O‚ÄôLeary (BISG)
  • Yuri Khramov (Evident Point)
  • Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks / De Marque)
  • Ric Wright (Readium Foundation)


  1. Review Foundation mission and Board Directorial duties
  2. Propose Board and Developer role scope
  3. Review Foundation financial status
  4. Organize communication with members


  1. Foundation mission statement draft discussed
    1. Draft approved
      • New wording to be used when contacting members
      • Appears in a shorter form on the home page.
  2. Board and Developers scope
      • Add task to include responsibilities with roles - approved
    2. Developer role draft discussed
      • Minor edits proposed - approved
    3. Noted that Developers can be both contributors and members
      • In order to understand breadth of community, when adding to Slack, request name, affiliation and GitHub handle as optional
    4. Tabled - discussion to be continued next meeting in September
  3. Review Foundation financial status
    1. Review of two documents prepared by Treasurer and Asst. Treasurer
      • Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer propose Board to identify all accounts with open invoices and contact those members
      • Discussion on how to divide the assignments of contacting members
      • Discussion of revising bylaws to accommodate extremely tardy membership fees
      • Resolved - Board members assigned to follow up with overdue accounts
      • Tabled - further discussion of bylaws
    2. Discussion of paying for Slack
      • Tabled until next meeting
  4. Organize communication with members
    1. Discussion of grounds for termination of membership
      • Approved - Acceptable scope of membership dues payment
    2. Discussion of delivery mechanism
      • All agree electronic communication is better than mail
      • Tabled - revision of bylaws to reflect electronic delivery
    3. Final plan approved and actions defined

Laurent to schedule next meeting.

Business complete.