Summary Notes, Readium Board of Directors Meeting

Date: 2020-10-29


  • Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab)
  • Risa Wolf (NYPL)
  • Aferdita Muriqi (DITA)
  • Brian O’Leary (BISG)
  • Yuri Khramov (Evident Point)
  • Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks / De Marque)
  • Ric Wright (Readium Foundation)


  1. Discussion of financial status, including membership fees and Slack costs
  2. Discussion of technical support role
  3. Discussion on proposal for possible fee structure
  4. Discussion on how to attract new members


Past Due: Because of delays in obtaining documentation this is deferred until the next meeting

Slack: discussion of cost

  • Discussion held on cost vs benefit
  • Proposal to pay for now and approach a specific non-profit with whom we have a relationship and determine if they would be willing to accept ownership
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Technical Support Role

Ric presented a written summary of his tasks and the time it usually takes

  • Discussion on general software QA process
  • Proposal to build on the work on the new test suite then pass to existing interns
  • Proposal seconded and accepted
  • Discussion held on the amount of time appropriate accessibility tests take
  • Proposal to share accessibility test plans from NYPL’s accessibility team
  • Proposal seconded and accepted
  • Discussion held on acquiring the services of another org to help test accessibility
  • Proposal to continue discussion when financial discussion is complete
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Fee Structure

Laurent presented a written draft of proposed fee structure that could to support participation for groups in low-income countries

  • Discussion on draft held
  • Determination that Laurent will take group feedback and refine draft
  • Discussion to continue next meeting

Attracting New Members

  • Discussion on ideas held
  • Determination that group will compile a list of companies to approach
  • Discussion on list to be held next meeting

Other Business

  • Discussion on how to resolve ownership of Google Group
  • Risa to continue research

Business complete.