Summary Notes, Readium Board of Directors Meeting


  • Financial Status
  • Members in good standing
  • Domain Name
  • Membership fees in 2021
  • Other Business

Financial Status

  • Discussion of access to current accounts
  • Planning for delivery of new invoices for 2021
  • Discussion of new methods to deliver invoices and receive payment

To continue next session.

Members in good standing

Reviewing most recent financial data (from 2020-10-31) to determine membership statuses.

  • Review of members in good standing from 2019 who have open invoices in 2020
  • Proposal to send reminders and contact former members in good standing
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Domain Name domain is expiring on 2021-1-23.

  • Discussion of administration and new hosting
  • Discussion of GSuite access for new Board members
  • Laurent to review with Ric and Micah
  • Discussion to continue next session

Membership fees in 2021

Laurent presented the final draft of the proposal as discussed in previous sessions.

Final Fee Structure Proposal:

Org Class Total Company Revenue or non-profit budget Member Dues
A Under $300,000 and max 2 individuals $400 per year
B Between $300,000 and $1 million and less than 20 employees $800 per year
C Between $1 and $5 million and less than 50 employees $1200 per year
D Between $5 million and $250 million $2000 per year
E Between $250 million and $2 billion $3000 per year
F Over $2 billion $4000 per year

For non-profit organizations, the membership fee is based on the annual budget. New members benefit from a 25% discount during the two first years of membership, but they must pay in advance by Stripe or Paypal.

  • Proposal to agree on the membership structure presented here
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Other Business

DAISY Cross-membership

  • Leadership of DAISY suggests we institute reciprocal membership with no funds involved
  • Discussion of DAISY membership, use, experiences
  • Proposal to accept DAISY‚Äôs suggestion
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Business Completed. Adjourned