Summary Notes, Readium Board of Directors Meeting


  • Review of Work in Progress
  • Financial Status
  • SDK Contributions
  • Twitter Account
  • Domain Name
  • RF Service Access
  • Board Elections 2021
  • DAISY cross-membership

Work in Progress

Brief discussion on Google Groups and Readium email accounts managed via GSuite. Discussion to continue next meeting.

Financial Status

Proposal to send invoices for 2021 to members in good standing 2020.

  • What we’ll do with this money:
    • Pay for Slack
    • Pay for admin costs for the Foundation
    • Hire a Technical Consultant when invoices are paid and budget is sufficient
  • Proposal seconded and accepted Discussion of reminders to members in good standing 2019 but not 2020.
  • Proposal to send immediately seconded and accepted

SDK Contributions

Discussion to determine as a board how to move forward with SDK use and support

  • Definition of terms
    • “SDK” has been reserved so far for the original “Readium SDK” (C++ codebase).
    • ReadiumJS is the term used for the original Web processing engine.
    • ReadiumJS Viewer or Readium Cloud Reader is the term used for the original ready-to-use Web application.
    • Readium Chrome App is the term used for the original end-user Chrome application (now obsolete).
    • The new deliverables of the Readium project make a product line. SDK being reserved, Readium now means toolkits for newer developments, named:
      • Readium Mobile iOS
      • Readium Mobile Android
      • Readium Desktop: the new Windows 10, MacOS and Linux toolkit
      • Readium Web: the new Web toolkit
  • Proposal to stop requesting SDK contributions for 2021
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Twitter Account

  • No way found to get access to the current Twitter account; password lost
  • Proposal of new Twitter account name: @readiumorg
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Domain Name domain is paid for the coming year but not the year following.

  • Proposal to move to Google Domains during Q2
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

RF Service Access

Transfer of accounts as board changes needs better management. This includes email list management, app store accounts, Twitter, Github

  • Presentation of list of services
  • Proposal to manage credentials via a password manager
    • Each time new board members are elected, review the different tools and credentials.
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Board Elections 2021

RF board has to prepare new board elections. Due to the 2019 missed election, Class B is now empty.

Current Board structure:

  • Class A - elected June 2020, serve until 2023
    • Laurent Le Meur, EDRLab
    • Risa Wolf, NYPL
    • Brian O’Leary, BISG
  • Class B - elected June 2020, serve until 2022
    • None
  • Class C - elected April 2018, serve until 2021
    • Yuri Khramov, Evident Point
    • Aferdita Muriqi, DITA

Discussion of multiple options:

  • Possibility to move one current member to class B
  • Possibility to move to 2 classes with 2 or 3 board members each, one class keeping a seat for two years only, 3 terms max
  • Proposal to open 2 seats on Class C for the 2021 election, and move Brian O’Leary to Class B per his volunteering.
    • Proposal seconded and accepted

DAISY cross-membership

Per last meeting, cross-membership is triggered from 2021 with the DAISY Consortium.

Business Completed. Adjourned