Readium Foundation Board meeting - 2021-09-13


Risa Wolf (NYPL) Brian O’Leary (BISG) Robert Cartolano (Columbia University) Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque) Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab)


  • Financial Status
  • Use of the treasury
  • Readium trademark
  • Promotion of the Readium brand

Financial Status

Reviewed paid and unpaid dues

  • Agreed to send reminders to members in good standing.
  • Proposal to send immediately seconded and accepted

Use of the Treasury

Discussion to determine how our small treasury could be best utilized

  • Board identified 7-10 different desirable initiatives
  • Proposal to narrow down to 1 to 3 high-impact items that could be done in 12 months, using membership fees, by the next meeting
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Readium Trademark

Discussion of whether trademarking Readium is a critical path item for the organization

  • Proposal of board members to reach out to their own company lawyers for advice
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Promotion of the Readium Brand

Readium currently does not have branding available to members to demonstrate their support and use of Readium products

  • Discussion
  • Proposal to have a vector file of current website logo created
  • Proposal seconded and accepted
  • Proposal to have board members evaluate how attribution is done with other products
  • Proposal seconded and accepted

Other business

Administrative tasks discussed and distributed among members

Business Completed. Adjourned