Readium Foundation Board meeting - 2023-05-10


Risa Wolf (NYPL) Brian O’Leary (BISG) Robert Cartolano (Columbia University) Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque) Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab)


  • Elections
  • Use of the treasury
  • Promotion of the Readium brand
  • Bylaws
  • General Assembly

Board Elections

Discussed proposal to start election process immediately for 3 members, class A and class B

  • Agreed to send an email to members in good standing to solicit candidates.
  • Class B (1 seat) serving until 2025; Class A (2 seats) serving until 2026
  • 3 weeks to submit one’s candidacy, 3 weeks to vote
  • Proposal to send immediately seconded and accepted unanimously

Members no longer in good standing

Discussion of unpaid members who usually are in good standing

  • Board identified several members who have not yet paid for this past year
  • Proposal that a reminder will be sent to members immediately
  • Proposal that we do research into possible new contacts
  • Both proposals seconded and accepted unanimously

Sponsoring Digital Publishing Summit

Discussion of whether we should sponsor

  • Proposal to support as part of the promotion efforts of the RF
  • Proposal seconded and accepted unanimously

Promotion of Readium

Discussion of varying opportunities in the US - ALA, Code4Lib Discussion of library adoption in US academia Discussion of web reader initiative and adoption in Spain and other countries

  • Proposal to reach out to other developers and decision makers
  • Proposal to develop downloadable promotional materials
  • Both proposals seconded and accepted unanimously


Brian O’Leary has already volunteered to review bylaws

  • Deferred until Brian reviews

General Assembly

  • Discussion of timing
  • Proposal to have it the week of June 26th
  • Proposal seconded and accepted
  • Proposal to include this information in the email for elections
  • Proposal seconded and accepted unanimously

Other business

Comics support discussion - starting work with developers in that community OPDS2 discussion

Business Completed. Adjourned