Readium Foundation General Meeting - 2023-08-01


Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab) Kate Davey (BiblioVault / the University of Chicago Press) Brian O’Leary (BISG) - thank you for your service! Risa Wolf (NYPL) Robert Cartolano (Columbia University) Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque)


  • Welcome Kate!
  • Internal Elections
  • Bylaws update
  • Digital Publishing Summit
  • Readium Web
  • Other Business

Internal Elections

  • Need a President, Treasurer, Secretary
  • Rob moves that Laurent LeMeur (EDRLab) be re-elected as President
    • Risa seconds, unanimous approval
  • Discussion of Treasurer role - thank you Brian for your service to RF!
    • Outlining roles and responsibilities
    • address move needed
  • Brian moves that Kate Davey (UCP) be elected as Treasurer
    • Risa seconds, unanimous approval
  • Brian moves that Risa Wolf (NYPL) be re-elected as Secretary – Laurent seconds, unanimous approval
  • Internal elections complete; discussion closed
  • Risa to write formal resolution

Bylaws Update

  • Brian still reviewing bylaws and will continue past the end of his tenure
  • Discussion closed

Digital Publishing Summit

  • Booked for next year in Paris
    • 130 ppl, space limited
  • EDRLab and DeMarque will participate and promote Readium
  • Discussion closed

Readium Web Software

  • DeMarque and EDRLab showcasing accessibility and metadata, generating an annual report with usage data
    • Very well received in Spain (Hadrien shared Madrid deck)
    • Presenting in France EOY
  • Is there a North American conference we can present at?
  • Discussion of usage and participants
  • Discussion closed

Other business

  • LCP implementations by Lyrasis and Internet Archive, Rob Cartolano asking other publishers to adopt.
    • Brief discussion of expanding the types of services that interact with LCP
  • Discussion of Readium website user research
  • Discussion of expanding OPDS to accommodate specific subject header schemas (e.g. BISAC)
    • deeper discussion of details

Business Completed. Adjourned