The term of Readium’s newly elected leadership began last week, after the election of three new Directors in June 2020. Candidate statements relative to this election are available here.

The board of the Readium Foundation is now counting five Directors:

  • Laurent Le Meur (EDRLab) as President,
  • Risa Wolf (NYPL) as Secretary,
  • Aferdita Muriqi (DITA) as Treasurer,
  • Brian O’Leary (BISG) as Assistant Treasurer,
  • Yuri Khramov (Evident Point)

Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks) has achieved two mandates, the second one expired in March; he will still be invited as a non-voting participant to the next board meetings, as will be Ric Wright.

The community of Readium developers is small but strong and new code is being contributed to the open source repositories regularly. The commitment of the community to create first class reading systems for EPUB 3 publications and audiobooks on all plattforms is non-relenting; it goes along with a reference support for the Readium LCP DRM, which is now deployed in most parts of the world.

Several large industry players are deeply involved and contributing to this effort both financially, strategically and in their public communications. We want to thank them for these efforts toward an open and accessible digital publishing ecosystem, worldwide.

The new board of Directors will make its best to better communicate with the Readium membership at the broader community. It will also work to increase membership (today 27 organizations), especially among the large number of users of the different Readium toolkits, coming from all parts of the world.