This release of Readium SDK and ReadiumJS (Chrome Application and Cloud Reader) comprises the final release of the Chrome Application and a number of changes to the ReadiumJS stack as part of the work transitioning to “Readium Web”.

Of significant importance are the following points:

  • This will be the final release of the Readium Chrome application. Google has warned that the Chrome framework (on which the app is based) is deprecated and will be disabled sometime in 2018. In addition, Google’s changes to their security rules (e.g. no inline scripts) has already partially crippled the application. Therefore we have made the decision to cease supporting and releasing the app. The final change to the app is that it puts up a modal dialog every time the library view is refreshed. The dialog states that the app is being deprecated and will be taken down before the end of 2018.
  • The Readium CloudReader will continue to be supported and bad bugs (i.e. crash and/or data loss) fixed, but no new features are planned.
  • The Readium SDK and the CloudReader (i.e. the ReadiumJS stack) will officially be put into maintenance mode. We will of course fix bad bugs (i.e. crash and/or data loss) but there is no plan to develop new features.

The complete release notes are available here.