R2 Roadmap

Streamer Roadmap

This document is based on the current consensus between implementers of what the core set of features and priorities should be.

Feature Complete Requirements

  • Opens either zipped or unzipped packages
  • Streams the contents via HTTP server
  • Can fully parse EPUB 2.x/3.x into the manifest/model
    • full support for metadata
    • clear distinction between spine/resources
    • new expression of the properties attribute as a Properties Object
    • support for both NCX and navigation documents
  • De-obfuscate fonts (both IDPF and Adobe algorithms)
    • covers basic support for encrypted content (encryption.xml + new property)

Revision 1

  • Media Overlays
    • per publication
    • per resource
  • Encrypted content
    • access model for encrypted content
    • support for LCP
    • link to LCP license
    • API to interact with license
    • ability to defer parsing of table of contents and media overlays
  • Optimize HTTP usage
    • cache strategy
    • preloading/prerendering
    • GZip support

Revision 2

  • Search
    • basic keyword search across the entire publication
    • returns at least one or two locators
  • Synthetic Page List
  • Optimized support for decryption (range)


  • Locator resolver
  • Dictionaries/Index
  • Multiple renditions
  • Audiobooks
  • Comics
  • PDF